Philips HX-2012SF Sensiflex Premium Clean Brush Heads

This toothbrush head features densely-packed, high-quality tufts to effectively remove plaque and improve gum health. Specially curved power tufts to easily reach teeth at the back of the mouth. Also features a gentle trim profile to cushion teeth for an extra gentle brushing experience.


HX-2012SF Sensiflex Premium Clean Brush Heads for Philips Electric Toothbrush 

1. Soft bristles Electric Replacement Toothbrush Heads
2. Brush heads have removable color-code rings for identification
3. Replacement brush heads designed to fit Philips electric toothbrushes
4. Long interdental tips clean deep between teeth and below gumline
5. Rounded end bristle, protect teeth from too-firm brushing

Model Number high quality HX-2012SF double headed toothbrush head
Certification CE FDA RoHS TUV
Advantage 1> can 100% be conmpatible the most famous brand electric toothbrush in Germany
2> Soft Dupont tynex bristle, can provide better cleaning and oral care
3> Rounded end bristle, protect teeth from too-firm brushing
4> Water proof design
5> Smart and confortabel for using
6> Safe and gentle on teeth and gums
Features 1> Dupont Tynex Bristle/nylon 612
2> POM
3> 304 stainless ste
Compatible with Philip Model: HX1610 HX1620 HX1630 HX1511 HX1513 HX1526 HX1523 HX2530
Package Blister packing
4pcs one pack, blister packing
Qty Measurment(CM) N.W.(KG) G.W.(KG)
100 Packs in a carton    28×13.5×51    3.04  3.79
200 Packs in a carton    48×19.5×55    6.48  7.20
400 Packs in a carton    46×42.5×42.5    12.16  12.27
Custom OEM & ODM & OBM is warmly welcome

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