Philips P-HX-6064 replacement electric toothbrush head

This toothbrush head features densely-packed, high-quality tufts to effectively remove plaque and improve gum health. Specially curved power tufts to easily reach teeth at the back of the mouth. Also features a gentle trim profile to cushion teeth for an extra gentle brushing experience.


P-HX-6064 Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head for Philips Electric Toothbrush 

Model NO. P-HX-6064
Certificate CE RoHS FDA
Materials 1) Dupont Bristle
2) POM
3) 304 stainless steel
Advantage 1)Can 100% be conmpatible the most famous brand electric toothbrush.
2) Soft Dupont bristle, can provide better cleaning and oral care.
3) Water proof package.
4) Slim angled neck reaches hard-to-clean areas.
5) Smart and confortable for using.
6) Safe and gentle on teeth and gums.
7) A complete clean for cleanerteeth and healthier gums.
8) Remove up to twice as much plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush.
9) Replace your brush head every three months
Compatible With Philips models: FlexCare+, FlexCare, HealthyWhite, HydroClean, EasyClean, DiamondClean


Sonic R710,Sonic R732,Sonic RS910,Sonic RS930,Sonic RS950

Package 4pcs in 1 pack   20 packs in a small box
Quantity Measurment(CM) N.W.(KG) G.W.(KG)
100 packs in a carton 28×13.5×51 3.04 3.79
200 packs in a carton 48×19.5×55 6.48 7.20
400 packs in a carton 46.2x45x45 12.16 12.27
Custom OEM & ODM

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